Queen Control

Just this evening there was a scene where a woman said hurt dialogues to a man. I was there to be the witness of it. Oh my.

My first impression was that she is a queen control. How pathetic to learn that. Poor my friend to bear partner with her. I can’t.

When I merajuk, I will keep silence and won’t talk to that person for a reason of time. Well, most of my friends don’t know my bad behavior of that.

That is how I deal with nagging woman. Seriously. Guys don’t like woman who talk again and again the same topic. Quite annoying to listen to that. We heard what you say. Just move on.

Yet that is what most woman in this world do. What can I say. As a man, I need to bear that in mind that woman talks a lot.

To satisfy their feeling of not satisfied with the man work, they will talk unstopable until the man agree to listen to what time I can’t even imagine.

I just hope that I won’t get that kind of woman in my life. It’s enough to have person near to you talk like that. Huh.


Alhamdulillah. I’ve reach an age that can call me as a youth! Yeay!

But I was sad about it as nobody notice my birthday. Really. Only a friend of mine SMS me wishing me birhtday.

I don’t want to open it on FB. I know my timeline will be flooded with all sort of wishing. But yet that is not the true wishing birthday. They just do it because FB told them so. I know because I done it before and it’s not fun you know.

To a certain level, I just don’t want to even know when is my birthday. Nothing special for me. Yeah. Really. Who cares about Izham’s birthday?

They just know how to wish Hari Malaysia.

Arhh! I hate it. Sigh. I still searching a friend that can I made as example for me to celebrate a birthday. Does giving gifts is ok when celebrating one’s birthday? Or just visiting him? Wishing through SMS? Buying him a cake?

Well wishing onf FB certainly ain’t giving me any exciting feeling. I bet everyone else too.

Sigh. Maybe I was born not to feel anything on my birthday. Maybe it’s better for me not put any hope anymore on birthday.

I give clue on FB about my birthday. I change profile pictures, yet nobody notice it. They say true friends can read his best friends mind.

Maybe I really don’t have any true friends. I just have me and myself writing it all alone here. How pathetic was that?

Sadness linger around me now.

Well, if there is somebody else birthday, I hope I don’t know it as I don’t want to celebrate it at all.. hmph.

Keep a book

I love to read. Anything that inspires me to gain more knowledge. One thing though I learn was to write and take note of what I read.

Before this I’d gone to a seminar about writing to DBP. Quite good. The talk was given by Uthaya Shankar SB. He said that he turn to become a writer when he take note. He just want to fill up his empty enquiries about life and his surrounding.

He take note and jot it down scribbly on his notebook. Than he write it as an article. He keep writing every single day as he alive.

He said he does not have any writing time like any other writers as he is a lazy writer. Some writer like A. Samad Said wrote early in the morning right after perform solah sunat.

When I think about it. well I do have time to write. Morning might be the time or night or even evening. For me to write a draft is easy.

What bothers me is how I turn the draft into gold. That’s the hardest part right now for me to do it.

Well, I’ve idea what to write but I just don’t know whether what I write is worth mentioned it on publishing arena.

Maybe this is all about the blogs I made. You know I’ve more than  3 blogs right now to handle. Only 2 still alive while the others still on clift hanger. I don’t have the time to write that and this for the blog because it requires me to do some research.

Even my JTS FB page ain’t active much this month. I’ve some sort of lazy mood this month. I know I know. To succeed in life one need to have courage and consistent in doing it.

Hey at least I write it here consitently, though I still don’t get it why I keep writing it here. Heh.


WhatsApss on PC

That’s new to me. I never know whatsapps is on PC. Well, for me I still reject the need of using smartphone. Maybe this news  I heard could change something new in my life.

I never test it. But I just test it to my friend’s PC. Well it looks ok to me. He too said it’ll be great for him now to be connected. What bothers me is that he has a smartphone!

See. Even a smartphone user never bother to use whatsapps. What even me, a cokia nokia phone. Heh.

Today I took the pictures taken when my friends and I went to Jogjakarta. While browsing around, I realize something about the photos. We never bother to take the surrounding! Oh my. Now I know why it is important to take any landmark photos to show to people about it.

Urgh! I’ve seen how my friends took pictures when he was in Thailand. He took a lot of pictures of surrounding and not just people.

What I saw in Jogja was all around about people. Urgh. Now I realize that I need too took pictures. Never realied on people to take pictures you wanted.

Anyway, the past is the past. What for me to take a lesson is to ask a lot when you go travel. Learn about other people cultures. You never know what new creativity will spark in your mind.

That’s all for today. Thank you.


I’ve been discourage today to do entrepreuner with my friends. I still didn’t get what with the team anyway? Really. The team still don’t have any clear objectives of having to become what it takes to be entrepreuneur. What I can say we all blur of what to do to achieve the freedom of money. You know what I mean.

We still sit around kedai kopi talk about that and this and how this and that will make us a richman. Yet where is the action? So I took the action by seeing En Fadhil to consult him as our mentor. He’s willingly to help us.

Yeah it still cost us something to pay him. But that doesn’t matter. At least for me this is an experience for me to know how to set up a team of real entrepreuner. I’ve been choosen as a leader of the team. I’m quite proud of it yet, I felt depressed about it.

I know I know. This is the time for me to show my so called quality leadership I learned through out my reading. Well, before this I was teased by a friend of mine telling me too much theory but not in the real world.

Heck. I hate it. So now I can show you that I’ve had the experience of a leader of a will be great team.

Still, I need to learn how to manage myself first and then proceed in handling people. Not easy you know to handle people. As a leader a motivation in me must be high as I need to channel it then to my subordinates. That’s when the team will succeed as a great player in the market.

Well, I accept the challenge anyway. Let the though gets going and me get there too lah!

Concesus of Writing

I try my best to keep writing. Today I almost nearly nothing to write about. That’s why I write late tonight. I just don’t know what to say today.

Nothing much happen to me today. Not much observation happen as I was late came to faculty.

Then when I was there, nothing I did comprehend my meaning as a master student. Period.

Oh by the way, I still didn’t get what’s the meaning of period in a word? I thought is the woman menstrual cycle! Pardon me for that.

Oh today I too have a meeting about the persatuan. Nothing much. Talk about recruiting new members here and there. I partner with Anuar. He’s good at playing sport. He said that he not well know about this.

Well, don’t worry mate, me neither know nothing about recruiting. “I afraid if I failed.”

How could you know you fail if you don’t even try it? (alright he said nothing like this. It’s just a made from me. heheh)

For me to train a new appreatince, it’s better to let him do it. He asked me to sent the SMS. I said, this is the time for you to learn about SMSing. Then you will know what’s the feeling of responsibility.

It’s better to make mistake rather than sit still. Hey, we learn to walk by falling down. Yeah there was bruise this and there, but look at us now. We could walk and run. Just wait until we can fly!

Alright. That’s all I write for today. Huh. I felt glad I’ve achieved my objective today to write at least in this blog once a day. Anyway. Thanks guys for reading this. Love you, whoever you are.


Being there

Just being there makes me comfortable knowing that I’m doing it. Although some say I just fooling myself, I rather say no to that opinion.

At least when I’m at the place, I know that I’m that person. A master student who is doing his work at the graduate room. I choose to be present.

I tell you, before this I don’t want to sit at all at graduate room. I think I better sit at home as I can reach more books and the internet connection (unifi for sure) is way faster than faculty.

Then I’ve this thing called self guilt towards my parents. There was a day my parent called me and ask how were I doing on my study. I feel numb to tell about what I was doing. I couldn’t lied but yet I couldn’t said the truth too.

On that day, I pack my back every single working day to the room. I sit there whether I’ve no idea what will I do in my life. I don’t care whether I being late or not to be there. As long as I am there, that will be better for me.

That’s when the motivation came to me. I feel and know and approve that I’m a master student. At least facebooking at the faculty is ok than at home! hahah

ALright. I just want to tell that I’m at faculty now. Choosing what things to do today as my dream is flying and I should catch it. =)


Looks like once again my leader said that information is a great tool to manipulate. Yeah. I know that, but it’s not me to know everything. I’m not at that face. For me, we are living in the distraction age. Too many distraction come to us.

We actually have lost focus. How can I said that? Well, by start we are multitasking. Not that I’m saying multitasking is bad, but it will produce average work. No superb work being done by multitasking.

To point that, multitasking is only for work doesn’t need too much focus such as cooking, washing, cleaning, and daily work.

What is work that requires focus? Well, for a start, reading. Some people say that he can only read when he on music. That person is sure not me. I don’t like to do focus work while listening. It will only produce average work.

I’m a quite person. So I love silent place to produce great work.

Oh and don’t forget that I’m a man. Man do things one by one. They focus on one thing, that move to other thing later. Woman is vice versa, am I right?

Back to the topic. Because of what my leader say, I don’t see any need for me to do that. Or else I’ll lose focus. And when I lose focus, my productivity also decreases. When that happen, I’m sure I’ll left the persatuan just like that.

So I know myself better than anyone else. Better keep myself focus than rather than I suffered the consequences later.

Being left Alone

I feel tremendous disspointed when knowing that I was left alone not knowing the updates of the persatuan. The reason is simple – I don’t have a smart phone.

What the heck with that? Now I know why they less want to communicate in the Yahoo Group. Damn! I hate it. Really hate it to know that I was talking all alone and it’s just me not being updated.

Urgghhh! So what if I don’t have a smart phone? I don’t want my world to be distracted will all sort of apps.

Whatsapps. Huh? I don’t care anyway.

“You’re a leader and should have a smart phone.”

Nahh. I don’t give a damn about it. I will still using my old Nokia handphone. I don’t feel like buying a new one anyway.

“Then you will be left alone.”

Let it be like that. The persatuan is not my main objective. I just what ever I want in my life to be excellent. Don’t have smart phone doesn’t mean I never updated with the current issues.

Whatsapps is juat a communication tool. It is not more than that. If people really want to communicate with me, just use the simple plain way – SMS.

Setup a new week ahead

Looks like a new will arise tomorrow. It’ll be a tough one for me. Last week I’ve not done much of things to get near my yearly objectives.

What I can say Sunday is my day of reflection. A time for me to look back at what I’ve done and not to achieve my success aim in life.

I also found that when I thick or record what I’ve done and not done in a list, my motivation stir up. I feel like I’ve done something and not something to achieve my aim. With this I seems to get where I was wrong and where I could improve it.

Like today. When I write about my journey, I know somewhere deep inside my subconcious mind is working toward my walking dream.

So I setup this week objectives in order for me to achieve something. At least I know that what I;m doing right now leads me to my dream.

What’s my dream? Well. for sure is to become a full time writer.

What I’m lack of is one of it is discipline. I seldom take note about this. But I need to change that. By doing listing, I need to know where I going and where my action will lead me.

Alright. That’s all for tonight writing.